Welcome to Southern Operators Motorcycle Club Online!

The Southern Operators Motorcycle Club was founded in June 2016 as an independent non-profit organization. It was formed to provide the opportunity for increased brotherhood and camaraderie between like-minded individuals who are or were public service team members or committed supporters of the public service departments. The S.O.M.C. and chapter events are intended to promote safe activities that appeal to our membership as a whole. The S.O.M.C. is designed to generate and increase a heightened level of enthusiasm for those who love riding Cruiser Style motorcycles. The S.O.M.C. is not affiliated with or sponsored by Harley Davidson or any other company or organization.  A background in public service is not a “hard and fast” requirement for membership in the club.  Membership is considered on a case by case basis. 

We are a club who supports veterans, law enforcement and public service.